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Slide 1 What are interaction data? Sources of interaction data UK Census questions 2011 Slide 5 Location tracing Social networking and location The risks Location trace examples Can people be identified from location traces? How easy is to get location data? Slide 19 Uniqueness Workplace flow data Golle & Partridge (2007) Assessing risk in the UK 1991 SMS 1991 SMS 2001 SMS 2001 SMS 2001 SMS 2001 SWS / STS Accommodating SCAM 2001 SWS Slide 32 Varying geography Asymmetric 2001 SWS results Anonymity sets for asymmetric SWS Existing asymmetric data sets Slide 37 Does it matter? Disclosure risks Slide 40 Slide 41 References Slide 43 Distribution of 2001 SWS Level 2 mean flows Slide 45