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Introduction to international migration data Presentation Outline Slide 3 Migrant Stocks – UN Data Slide 5 Migrant Stocks – UN Data Slide 7 So, what do we know? Global Migration – foreign born % distribution of international migrants by age and sex Sussex Global migrant origin stock database Sussex – Global Migrant Origin Database Slide 12 Migrant Flows – Cohen et al. Eurostat – Flow and Stock data Slide 15 European flow data – MIMOSA, IMEM OECD stock and flow data Slide 18 OECD stock and flow data International Census data? International migration in UK Censuses Area Statistics Samples of Anonymised Records Special Migration Statistics 1981 SMS 1981 SMS continued 1991 SMS 2001 SMS 2001 C0711 Comparison of three Censuses 1991: all foreign  origins 1991: migrants from Republic of Ireland 1991:migrants from West Germany 1991: migrants from all foreign origins 1991: migrants from USA and Australia 1991: migrants from Israel 1991: migrants from Nigeria and Uganda 1991: migrants from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh 2001
Migrants from all foreign origins 2001
Migrants from France 2001
Migrants from Pakistan Which countries can be consistently compared? Ever-present countries Do the data mean the same thing? Conclusions Conclusions