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Towards an Enhanced UK Spatial Interaction Data Service Outline of presentation Introduction – CIDER Slide 4 Introduction - CIDER Introduction – CIDER Data Sets and Geographies Introduction - WICID Introduction – CIDER’s Ongoing Objectives Interaction Datasets in the UK: An Audit Slide 10 Census data sources of interaction data Major administrative sources of interaction data Important surveys containing interaction data Recommendations coming out of the Audit… Slide 15 Implications for CIDER Towards an Enhanced Spatial Interaction Data Service… WICID – The current system WICID - Inbuilt flexibility WICID – The metadata WICID – sample of table in SQL database WICID – finalising the metadata WICID – The finished product. From WICID to INTERACTION INTERACTION – Example issues Slide 26 Slide 27 The New Data NHSCR Data Slide 30 HES data Slide 32 Slide 33 HES data – research opportunities HESA data Slide 36 HESA data – research opportunities Conclusions: Thank you