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Using WICID  (Web-based Interface to  Census Interaction Data)  in the Classroom Presentation Delivering UK census data  for education and research Census data provision UK Census Programme 2001-06 Data Support Units Origin-Destination Statistics Geographical units used in 2001 SMS/SWS WICID Using WICID for query-building  and data extraction CIDS home page WICID home page WICID: query interface Area selection tools Main geographies available in WICID List selection of districts Data sets available on migration Tables in 1991 SMS Set 2 Cells of Table 6 in 1991 SMS Set 2 Extraction has been completed Example queries and outputs Question 1:  What is the age breakdown of in-migrants to Leeds Metropolitan District in 1990-91? Query to extract data for Question 1 Results of query for Question 1 Question 2:  How did the social structure of commuting flows in Leeds vary spatially in 1991? Ward and district origins for Question 2 Query for Question 2 Stacked column graph Results of query for Question 2 Evaluation Using WICID in the classroom Final points Contact