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Providing Access to Census-based Interaction Data in the UK:  That’s WICID! Presentation UK Census interaction data Tables and counts in the 2001 and 1991 interaction data sets for the UK Data issues WICID WICID system architecture Building queries in WICID CIDS home page WICID home page Summary of commuting flows to and from the City of London, 1991 Age pyramid of commuters from Havering to the City of London, 1991 General query interface before selection Map selection window in WICID Example of map selection of City of London as destination area Query to select commuting data to  City of London, 2001 Screen indicating extraction completed Output and analysis in WICID Output planning screen Analysis indicators available Mapping and analysis: Example London boroughs Percentage shares of commuting inflows to London boroughs, 2001 Percentage changes in commuting inflows to London boroughs, 1991-2001 Conclusions Results from 2004 user survey Slide 26 Contact  My email:   Acknowledgement  CIDS is funded by the ESRC/JISC under Census Programme Research Grant H507255177