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Internet access to UK Census interaction data: that's WICID! Focus Presentation Acknowledgements Population censuses Problems 2001 Census population counts: male deficit in young adult ages: cause for concern? Digital data products Data Support Units Slide 10 CIDS Challenge Objectives Slide 13 Interaction Data Sets for 1991 Slide 15 Suppression problem Interaction Data Sets for 1981 Importance of interaction data in planning System Architecture Metadata Structure Features of the Interface:  CIDS homepage Login page Welcome page Different parts of the page Off the shelf Flow summaries General query page Area Selection Tools Slide 29 List Area Selection Tool Origins selected Data Selection Tools Data Selection Options   Slide 35 Current query summary Data extraction Output Planner Output previewer Download file Examples of data extractions Query: What were the in-migration flows to Cardiff district from various origins in 1990-91? In-migration flow to Cardiff, using SMS Set 2, 1990-91 Query: What is the age structure of migrants from Greece to GB in 1990-91? Age profile of migrants from Greece, 1990-91    Districts receiving most migrants from Greece, 1990-91 What are the net migration balances of Scottish districts for (a) moves within Scotland and (b) moves between Scotland and England and Wales? Slide 49 Query: Where do universities in Sussex get their students from?   Main county origins with term-time addresses in Sussex Slide 52 Query: What are the journey to work flows between zones by social class in 1991? Slide 54 Slide 55 Slide 56 Slide 57 Conclusions/Next steps Next steps Slide 60 Slide 61