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Web Access to Census  Interaction Data Focus Presentation Acknowledgements The Challenge Objectives Slide 7 Interaction Data Sets for 1991 Interaction Data Sets for 1981 Importance of interaction data in planning System Architecture Metadata Structure Features of the WICID Interface Login in screen WICID General Query screen WICID Area Selection Tools Slide 16 WICID List Area Selection Tool WICID Data Selection Tools WICID Data Selection Options   Slide 21 WICID Data extraction WICID Output Planner WICID Output Previewer Some examples of data extraction: Query 1: Migrants from Greece to GB by age  Age profile of migrants from Greece, 1990-91    Districts receiving most migrants from Greece, 1990-91 Slide 29 Query: Journey to work flows between zones by social class, 1991  Slide 31 Slide 32 Slide 33 Slide 34 Conclusions/Next steps