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Geography: NUTS 2 UK Regions

Health Warning For NUTS 2 Geographies

NUTS Level 2 geographies in WICID do not exactly match the NUTS Level 2 geographies as defined by eurostat http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/ramon/nuts/home_regions_en.html

NUTS 2 geographies in WICID have been created from aggregations of districts. One district - North Ayrshire (60QY) - is shared between two NUTS 2 regions: UKM6 Highlands and Islands and UKM3 South Western Scotland.

The Isle of Arran should be associated with UKM6 Highlands and Islands, however, as the island only accounts for 3.72% of the total population of North Ayrshire, the whole of this district has been allocated to UKM3 South Western Scotland.

This decision was taken as with a total population on Arran of only 5058, migration flows are likely to be very small and so re-allocation of these flows to a neighbouring region is unlikely to have a significant impact on any analysis carried out.

Geography consists of 37 areas.

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