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UK inter NUTS2 region migration estimates, calendar year 2000-07, produced by the ESPON DEMIFER project.

DEMIFER NUTS2 estimates

These data were created as part of the European Spatial Planning Observation Network (ESPON) 13 programme. One of the applied research projects under the ESPON 13 programme, known as DEMIFER (DEmographic and MIgratory Flows affecting European Regions and Cities), produced a database of time-series demographic data for the 27 member states of the EU, plus 4 other European States at the NUTS2 geography.

Where a time-series of UK internal migration flows were not previously available, the DEMIFER team at the University of Leeds produced a set of estimates based principally on publicly available inter district Patient Register flows (supplied by ONS), but also incorporating inter-government office region UK migration data from the National Health Service Central Register (NHSCR - also supplied by ONS) and distributions from the 2001 Census Special Migration Statistics.

DEMIFER have produced two sets of estimates - one set running from mid-year to mid-year and one set covering calendar years.

For a detailed methodology describing the exact estimation process, see Dennett, A and Rees, P. (2009) Estimates of internal migration flows for the UK, 2000-2007 - details in the Papers section of this website

* Note - as these data are estimates not all flows will be integers, some will be decimal values *

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Table 1: DEMIFER calendar year NUTS2 UK migration estimates
2000 1
2001 2
2002 3
2003 4
2004 5
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