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1981 Census: Special Migration Statistics (using 1981 geography at county/region level)

The 1981 SMS refer to counts of individuals who were in existence 12 months before the Census and who were resident at a different usual residence on 5 April 1981 to that a year previously.

This version of the data set uses original 1981 geography, but is limited to county and region level. The 1981 SMS data are available at a more detailed (ward) level for 1991 based boundaries in other data sets. The structure of the original data makes it hard to work them at more detailed spatial scales; however users who may be interested in the original 1981 data should contact CIDS and ask for more information


1981 SMS Set 2 are separate counts of males and females migrating within and between each pair of wards defined in 1981. They have not been subject to data adjustment or thresholding. In an attempt to create a consistent comparison between 1981 and 1991, a recent Census Development Project has involved the re-estimation of 1981 SMS Set 2 data for wards whose boundaries were used in the 1991 Census. The estimation methodology is available in a paper published in Computers, Environment and Urban Systems (Feng and Boyle, 2001)

Users can choose between 2 counts (males and females) in the re-estimated SMS Set 2 data for which the geographical areas are identical to those used in 1991.


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Cole, K. and Squires, S. (1987) The Special Migration Statistics from the 1981 Census: the data and their implications, Paper presented at the LAMSAC Workshop, County Hall, London.

Feng, Z. and Boyle, P. (2001) Integrating the 1981 and 1991 census interaction data, Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, forthcoming.

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Table 1: Migrants usually resident/formerly resident in county/region by sex
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Count 1 2