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2011 SMS Merged LA/LA [Origin and destination of migrants by NS-SeC (grouped)] - MU05BUK_all - Safeguarded

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Office for National Statistics, 2011 SMS Merged LA/LA [Origin and destination of migrants by NS-SeC (grouped)] - MU05BUK_all - Safeguarded [computer file], UK Data Service

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The data are available for the following geographies:

Geographies of origin areasGeographies of destination areas
Supported directly
[i]UK Local Authorities (merged) 2011
[i]2011 all SMS additional residence codes
[i]UK Local Authorities (merged) 2011
Supported via aggregation
[i]2011 English Regions plus rest of UK[i]2011 English Regions plus rest of UK

Output for geographies that are only supported via aggregation will take longer than for those supported directly

Table frameworks

Table MU05BUK: Origin and destination of migrants by NS-SeC (grouped)
All categories: NS-SeC 1
1. Employers in large organisations 2
2. Higher managerial and administrative occupations 3
3. Higher professional occupations 4
4. Lower professional and higher technical occupations 5
5. Lower managerial and administrative occupations 6
6. Higher supervisory occupations 7
7. Intermediate occupations 8
8. Employers in small organisations 9
9. Own account workers 10
10. Lower supervisory occupations 11
11. Lower technical occupations 12
12. Semi-routine occupations 13
13. Routine occupations 14
14. Never worked and long-term unemployed 15
15. Full-time students 16